FLP-admin: Minutes from follow-up meeting (05-March-2009)

Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel ankit at redhat.com
Thu Mar 5 07:16:15 UTC 2009

- Dimitris Glezos
- Diego Búrigo Zacarão
- Asgeir Frimannsson
- Ankit Patel

- Transifex running on pt14 happily
- Submission support added. Statistics are updated automatically with 
- Transifex Packaging:
  - Plan A is to put the RPM in yum
    - Still work to do before submitting spec files for review
    - Feedback needed from package reviewers
    - In need for some more reviewers and packaging hackers to provide 
feedback for
      Django project packaging- Announcing Transifex test instance
  - Plan B is to put the RPM on Infrastructure
    - Spec file probably already ready for this
- Target date for FAS working: String freeze
  - Policy for submissions: Translators are encouraged not to use pt14 for
    important bits (eg. submission) but wait for a stable Tx-new version 
on the
    production servers.
- Most likely to use translate.fpo instead of transifex.fpo
  - Use translate.fpo/transifex/ for new instance. When 100% ready, move 
DL to
    /dl/ and use / for new Transifex
  - Friday the day for testing pt14, Monday the day for deploying on 
stable servers
- DL Team pages missing from Tx now.
  - Use DL page and try in parallel to have it ready in Tx by string 
freeze too
  - Alternatively: We can use the wiki page to provide the information 
on Teams
    Page. OR the Languages page should be edited with language 
co-ordinator and
    mailing list information, which is what the basic difference between
    Languages page and Teams page.
- Publican support: Deadline is start of April
  - Needs 1-2 days to be finished in DL
  - Diego: 1-2 days as well to add in Transifex. Goal is to do this 
    - Need to discuss how we could store the stats for it
- Testing of the new instance of Tx: Monday 8 UTC. Ankit & Some other 
member from l10n team.  
- Next meeting: Tuesday 8 UTC

Ankit Patel

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