Announcing Transifex 0.5

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Fri Mar 20 10:54:06 UTC 2009

Great. Excelente work!

Can we start submiting to the new Tx?


Dimitris Glezos wrote:
> Indifex and the Transifex Community are proud to announce the newest version
> of their flagship translation platform, Transifex 0.5.
> Transifex is a web application written in Python using the Django web
> framework that gives translators a web interface to various version control
> systems. Files to be translated can be downloaded, translated files can be
> uploaded directly to the source repository, and various translation statistics
> can be read at a glance.
> Transifex is already in use by the Fedora Project to translate its interfaces
> to an audience of more than 5 million users.
> What does it offer?
> ===================
> Transifex currently supports the following Version control systems:
>  - Concurrent Version System
>  - Subversion
>  - Bazaar
>  - Mercurial
>  - Git
> For statistics generation, Transifex supports static gettext message catalogs
> and intltool-based ones, used by the vast majority of open source software
> projects.
> What's new in 0.5?
> ==================
> A full list of the features offered in this release can be found in the
> release notes:
> This release represents a significant advance in Transifex development since
> the Transifex 0.3 release in November 2008. Here’s a 40K-foot view of the
> release in numbers and most important feature categories.
> 243 files changed, 14027 insertions(+), 319 deletions(-)
>  - Complete re-write of the source code on top of the Django Web framework
>  - New data model supporting multiple repositories per project (eg. branches
>    or domains of files), and project collections (eg. Fedora, GNOME, etc.)
>  - Calculation of a project’s translation coverage (statistics)
>  - Submission support of files to a variety of version control systems
>  - Support for serving translation files to users for easy access to them
>  - User registrations and authentication (including OpenID)
>  - Simple workflow support
> What does it look like?
> =======================
> The Fedora Project is currently running an instance of Transifex at:
> For some eye candy, check out the screenshots on our site, at:
> How can I get it?
> =================
> Project and community managers who want to deploy Transifex for their
> own community can get Transifex in a variety of ways.
> A tarball of Transifex 0.5 is available at:
> For full installation instructions, refer to the documentation section:
> RPM packages for Fedora 9, Fedora 10, and Fedora Rawhide are or will
> soon be available via yum:
>  yum install transifex transifex-extras
> RPM packages for RHEL 5, CentOS 5, and Scientific Linux 5 will be
> available in Fedora EPEL:
> Regards,
> The staff of Indifex and the Transifex Community
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