FLP-admin: Minutes from follow-up meeting (24-March-2009)

Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel ankit at redhat.com
Tue Mar 24 09:28:34 UTC 2009

*** Participants:-
- Dimitris Glezos
- Diego Búrigo Zacarão
- Asgeir Frimannsson
- Ankit Patel

*** Minutes:-
o Important points discussed:

1. General feedback from translators (which doesn't require any action 
item on anyone)
2. Create an FAQ page for filing tickets (owner = Ankit)
2.1 Ping Infrastructure to link to this page/custom theme (owner: Dimitris)
3. Put banners on old DL page (owner: Asgeir)
4. Publican/Docs Support
4.1 => Check whether James/anyone has time (owner: Asgeir)
4.2 Start working on the support (owner: will be decided after 4.1)

o Full meeting minutes:

- Shared feedback about new Transifex
  - Translators have a good impression of the new system
  - People are pleased that Statistics and Submissions happen on the 
same page
  - Feedback on list has been quite positive
  - Two bugs were found and fixed immediately, upcoming 0.5.1 release in 
a few days
- Where should tickets be filed?
  - General Transifex feature requests or issues should be filed to
      e.g. New features
      - Like new features in Transifex, say sorting of the modules by 
         statistics or by name
      - Show/hide completed modules in Transifex, like Gnome statistics
      e.g. Issues
      - %age calculation is not correct or should be according to words 
rather than
  - issues relating to Fedora specific instance on IRC and/or redhat 
    should be filed to fedorainfrastructure
      - XYZ modules missing.
  - Create a wiki page that explains what an upstream and what a downstream
    ticket looks like. If someone in doubt, ask on #fedora-l10n.
 - Mention this to a FAQ in the footer

- Create general FAQ

- Put banners on old services to newer service
  - Link to /tx/ from all pages:
  - /submit/ -- Old Tx
  - / -- DL
  - http://publictest14.fedoraproject.org/tx/ (changing the message)
    - Move services to / when freeze is over (start of April)
  - Missing feature: Team page

- DL still useful for teams
  - Remove Projects from DL (only language team pages, so it will be 
    page of existing language page and team page)
  - Copy index page from DL to Tx
    - Ticket to Infra for setting up local theme (glz)
  - Action Item Asgeir: add a banner-page to DL linking to new Transifex

- Docs/Publican
  - Aggregation of multiple files in 1 statistic bar
    - Already done here: 
  - Transifex data model supports easy viewing of all files in a component
  - Should be an easy fix, we support anyone willing to jump in
    - One line of code (?) to get all POFiles of a module on a flat list
    - Also focus on bringing new developers on the team, not just quick 
    - Tx team can support an action owner for this in any way
    - Action Item Asgeir: discuss with James/others to see if it's 
possible to help out

Ankit Patel

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