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Introducing myself

Good evening,
I am Mario Santagiuliana, I study Medicine and Surgery at University of Trieste in Italy.
I love Fedora and I want to help improve this software expecially in localization. I don't have 
really much time but I can do something.
I've just translated some wiki pages and po files in collaboration with Italian Team for Fedora. In 
the past I translated other minor opensource software.

I've created my personal page on fedoraproject wiki, it's in Italian, my nickname is Marionline so 
this is the page:

I'm interested in IT so I create my personal website here:
When I have a bit of time I help the new Italian Fedora User to understand and resolve their problem 
on Italian forum fedoraonline:
I'm not a real guru of Fedora and linux but I can do something.
I have worked only with fedora for five or six years and it is my favourite O.S., I can do 
everything with 

In Italy we have some problems to buy a notebook or pc, in generally, without microsoft operating 
system preinstalled, and then to have a refund for software. I bought a Dell's notebook some months 
ago and I love so much Fedora that I insisted in order to obtain a refund for Vista O.S., finally I 
got something similar to a refund. All my story and my emails with Dell are on my blog but they are 
in Italian(sorry).

I use this email address for fedora mailing list.
My personal email address is mario at marionline dot it.
My pgp public keys can be downloaded from my site:
or from a keyserver like http://pgp.mit.edu/

That's all.
Bye bye
Mario Santagiuliana

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