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Self Introduction: Alexey Vasyukov

Hi, Folks.

My name is Alexey Vasyukov. I am from Moscow (Russia, GMT+3). FAS
username - anganar.

My Linux experience is about 5 years, initially as a developer, after
that - as a system administrator / architect. My first distro was Red
Hat Linux 9, after it - different versions of Fedora, RHEL, CentOS.

Now I work for VDEL company (www.vdel.com) as consultant and also as a
researcher in CS department of Moscow Institute of Physics and
Technology (www.mipt.ru).

My current work activities are mostly connected with Fedora. In
particular, with technical documentation translation into Russian and
writing additional documentation on specific topics (in Russian).

Additionally, I am a member of Russian Fedora community. We work on
"adapting" Fedora for Russian users, in particular, once again, on

Now I would like to "return" available Russian translations to the
upstream. So, I applied for cvsl10n group membership.

I would like to participate in Documentation Project in nearest future as well.

My GPG fingerprint:

[anganar anganar ~]$ gpg --fingerprint ADDDC557
pub   1024D/ADDDC557 2009-01-22
      Key fingerprint = 4A21 0E68 6B5B A565 1B0D  FC28 083B 29FC ADDD C557
uid                  Alexey Vasyukov (MIPT) <vasyukov gmail com>
sub   2048g/751C1E3E 2009-01-22

Alexey Vasyukov

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