Self-Introduction: Steven Whitehouse

Steven Whitehouse swhiteho at
Wed Mar 18 21:00:33 UTC 2009


As per the instructions on the wiki....

Name: Steven Whitehouse
Location: Swansea, UK
FAS username: swhiteho
Language for translation: Cornish (kw)
Profession: Developing the GFS2 Filesystem for Red Hat
Other fedora projects: GFS2 (kernel), gfs-utils and clustering
generally, package reviews of msp430 related dev tools

Comments, suggestions about L10N: There should be a Cornish language
translation :-) Obviously this is a pretty big project, so my plan is to
try and find bunch of people to help with this. Such an effort needs
somewhere to have a wiki and a mailing list, and to hopefully do that
via Fedora. See my follow up email (coming shortly!) for more details.

Historical qualifications: I have a MEng in Electronic Engineering with
Communications and a PhD in Error Resilient Image Compression, neither
of which are likely to be of any help in the task of
localisation/translation :-)

I've created a wiki page thusly:

which I think answers the remaining questions, and my GPG key is:

pub   1024D/8402322A 2008-04-04
      Key fingerprint = 7E95 42C9 4952 7314 C530  907C ED31 DBA4 8402 322A
uid                  Steven Whitehouse <swhiteho at>
sub   4096g/EAD2CF69 2008-04-04

Can someone approve my cvsl10n group application please?


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