New Transifex for F11 statistics + submissions

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at
Sun Mar 22 23:00:12 UTC 2009

As mentioned earlier, we're now using the newer Transifex for statistics and
submissions for Fedora 11.

The new Transifex website should show 100% correct statistics and all pages
should show up pretty fast (waiting on the Infrastructure freeze end to also
enable memcached to have blazing fast speed). Submissions are enabled for all
the projects accepting translations (85 now).

Diego has prepared some statistics about the coverage and uptake of the new

Here are a few useful tips:

 1. You can use temporary 'holds' (locks) to show that you're working on a
    file. This should help teams which send emails on their list to
    improve/compliment their workflow. Don't forget to remove your lock once
    you're finished working on a file.

 2. RSS feeds are available for tracking a language's coverage:

 3. The older services are still running: DL is at / and old Transifex at
    /submit/. We've left them there to keep things simple, however we're
    considering moving Tx-0.5 on / after the Infrastructure freeze is over.
    You may still use the older tools, but bear in mind that the statistics
    might not be 100% correct.

 4. Finally, a few known issues which are now fixed in 0.5.1, which will be
    deployed shortly, can be found here:

Please report any bugs in #fedora-l10n and #transifex. Transifex bugs should
be filed on the upstream Trac instance at
Fedora-specific stuff (eg. missing projects, etc) should be reported on, Fedora-L10n/Transifex component.


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