FLP Meeting 2009-03-25 IRC Log

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at redhat.com
Wed Mar 25 22:46:08 UTC 2009

--- noriko がトピックを変更しました: Fedora Localization Group meeting
-- Agenda: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Init
<noriko> Noriko Mizumoto (ja)
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<runa_b> Runa Bhattacharjee (bn_IN)
<MostafaDaneshvar> Mostafa Daneshvar (bal)
<couf> Bart Couvreur (nl)
<ankit> Ankit Patel (gu)
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<vpv> Ville-Pekka Vainio (fi)
<noriko> who gonna take a char?
<couf> go ahead noriko
<noriko> ok
* couf in following mode, need to get back up to speed first
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<noriko> Fedora Localization Group meeting -- Agenda:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- New Transifex, any
<noriko> Transifex is working for you? any issue to be spotlight?
<vpv> it doesn't show diffs yet, which is a know todo item, or so I've
been told
<noriko> what level of impact is it?
<vpv> if the translators are careful when editing po files, I guess not
that big, but it would help noticing things like messages you've
accidentally removed or something
<ankit> FYI, all the issues or feature requests (not Fedora specific,
only transifex specific) can be filed as ticket via
<ankit> vpv: did you get a chance to inform glezos or diego or a ticket?
<noriko> ankit: cool, vpv make sure your request is there. if not please
file a ticket.
<vpv> ankit: yes, I've talked to both glezos and diego on IRC
<couf> any reason why tx is not the standard landing page yet on
<ankit> ah okay, then must be in their TODO list
<ankit> couf: because there is infrastructure freeze now
<ankit> and
<ankit> so, what we have planned to do is
<ankit> we are going to put the banner on the first page (home page :
translate.fedoraproject.org) , which will point to the new Tx
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<couf> ankit: yes, that's in place right now
<ankit> and that may take a week maximum, depending upon the
infrastructure team's freeze break request acceptance
<ankit> oh great, it was quick
<noriko> anymore Tx issue?  or everyone is happy with new Tx, yes?
<MostafaDaneshvar> Tx is great, especially 'lock'.
<noriko> Fedora Localization Group meeting -- Agenda:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- F11 Schedule, any
* runa_b misses the FLP logo on that page though
<runa_b> oops sorry noriko
<noriko> oh, runa_b you are right.
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<noriko> ankit, may have an tip?
<runa_b> ankit: would the infra freeze stop the addition of the FLP logo
to the tx landing page at the moment?
<ankit> not sure...
<tombolinux> MostafaDaneshvar: I agree
<runa_b> noriko: ankit .. hmm perhaps we could check with glezos/diego
or file a bug about it
<ankit> yep, will talk to them
<vpv> runa_b: I guess it's a low-risk change, so probably not, but the
one doing it would need to ask for a freeze break permission on the
<ankit> thx
<ankit> but to me it looks difficult to break the freeze immediately
once again
<runa_b> vpv: ahh ok. Thanks
<runa_b> ankit: nod. in anycase.. its a cosmetic change. but probably
high impact for the look and feel.
<runa_b> it can surely wait until things settle down :)
<ankit> :)
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<noriko> Let me recap shcedule.
<noriko> Translate Release Notes (POT to PO)   Fri 2009-04-03
<noriko> Software Translation Deadline (PO Files complete)   Tue 2009-04-0
<vpv> 2009-04-07
<noriko> ops thanks:)
<noriko> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=490056
<buggbot> Bug 490056: medium, low, ---, xavi.conde, NEW, Ensuring
up-to-date POT & PO Tracking Bug
<noriko> 5 bigs in gray
--- oget_zzz は oget にニックを変更しました
<noriko> 5 bugs!
<noriko> those may change their status lately.
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<runa_b> noriko: 'Translate Release Notes (POT to PO)   Fri 2009-04-03'
=> is this the last date to complete translation of release notes?
<noriko> runa_b: it is start date.
<vpv> the end date is Tue 2009-04-14
<runa_b> ahh ok
<runa_b> thanks noriko vpv
<runa_b> errm sorry...  i had missed the POT to PO part
<noriko> This is very last date to look at, Translation Deadline: **GA
rel-notes (PO Files complete)   Fri 2009-05-08
<noriko> Fedora Localization Group meeting -- Agenda:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Open floor / AOB
(any other business)
<vpv> noriko: good point. also the website translation deadline is at
Mon 2009-05-25
<noriko> vpv, thanks follow-up, yes that is right!
<runa_b> so effectively 25/5 is the pen-down date for all F11
translations ...
<noriko> runa_b: yes. apart from 0-day
<noriko> Translation Deadline: 0-Day (PO Files complete)   Thu 2009-06-04
<noriko> This comes after GA for translation
<runa_b> docs.fedoraproject.org?
<runa_b> ahh ok. got it
<noriko> rel-notes :-)
<noriko> AOB?
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<couf> not here
* runa_b has none either
<vpv> I would especially like to bring up the anaconda issue,
<buggbot> Bug 484784: medium, low, ---, anaconda-maint-list, NEW,
anaconda.pot out of date
<vpv> that's quite an important package and the po(t) files have not
been refreshed yet
* noriko nods
<vpv> probably not much we can do about it since it's up to the
developers, but anyway
<runa_b> either way the string freeze would be broken when the file gets
refreshed :(
<noriko> what is the best approach on this?
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<MostafaDaneshvar> 'fa' members are not satisfied with their
coordinator. They asked me to mention it.
<couf> noriko, vpv: escalation to rel-eng or fesco?
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<noriko> couf: that would be good option.
<noriko> k, if no other option then let's escalate
<runa_b> MostafaDaneshvar: who is your coordinator?
<MostafaDaneshvar> runa_b: amk
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<glezos> hi all. Came up late since I got caught in a meeting.
<runa_b> MostafaDaneshvar: do you have any specific complaints about the
<noriko> glezos: welcome!
<runa_b> hey glezos
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<MostafaDaneshvar> runa_b: not offering sponsorship to users join to 'Fa'
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<noriko> MostafaDaneshvar: is he active?
<runa_b> i don't see him listed as a sponsor here:
<MostafaDaneshvar> runa_b: /me never see him :D
<MostafaDaneshvar> noriko: nay
<noriko> runa_b: he is registered as Coordinator.
<noriko> MostafaDaneshvar: did you try to wake him up?
<MostafaDaneshvar> noriko: he doesn't know that he can sponsor users. He
told one of the guy it is not my duty :d
<MostafaDaneshvar> noriko: we have some discussion about it in our local
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<runa_b> MostafaDaneshvar: earlier the sponsorship used to be handled by
a group of administrators. things changed recently to include the team
coordinators as sponsors.
<runa_b> MostafaDaneshvar: So perhaps you could check with your local
team and coordinator about the changes
<glezos> MostafaDaneshvar: can you invite the coordinator on
#fedora-l10n so that we can discuss it live?
<tombolinux> this is the best method...
<MostafaDaneshvar> glezos: those days holiday in Iran. I'll send him
another email.
<glezos> MostafaDaneshvar: great. After talking with him you can
communicate with the local community and decide together.
<MostafaDaneshvar> glezos: I think he is going to step down, as I read
the fa-list. /me not sure
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<noriko> all it is going to be late in Pune.
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<noriko> MostafaDaneshvar: ping us, when you get him.
<MostafaDaneshvar> noriko: k
<noriko> thanks MostafaDaneshvar
<noriko> If no more AOB, we will close the meeting?!
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* MostafaDaneshvar thanks all and noriko
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<tombolinux> Thank-you
* runa_b has no AOB
<couf> nope, close away
<noriko> 3
<noriko> 2
<noriko> ....1
* glezos was wondering if there were any Qs to answer on L10n admin stuff
<glezos> but ok -- we can take them in #fedora-l10n
<runa_b> :)
<noriko> Fedora Localization Group meeting -- Agenda:

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