FLP Meeting 2009-05-05 IRC Log

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at redhat.com
Tue May 5 20:53:39 UTC 2009

<noriko> ***** FLP Meeting *****
<noriko> Noriko Mizumoto (ja)
<MostafaDaneshvar> Mostafa Daneshvar (bal)
<tombolinux> Francesco Tombolini (it)
<MohsenSaeedi> MohsenSaeedi (fa)
<noriko> okay, thanks all for coming up for the meeting!!  anyone comes
late, don't be shy to add your name.
<noriko> 1. Update on previous' meeting action items (see summary of
previous meeting
<noriko> Anything from last meeting?
* noriko keeps moving
<noriko> 2. Meeting frequency
<MostafaDaneshvar> fortunately Persian guys are attracting new members
and it's good news
<noriko> :)
<noriko> It seems fortnightly is too much and ppl hardly to come up
<noriko> including me.
<MostafaDaneshvar> noriko: does L10n have any regular meeting time?
<MostafaDaneshvar> for example every month less or more?
<noriko> MostafaDaneshvar:
<noriko> I like to propose to decrease it to Monthly same time.
* MostafaDaneshvar agrees
<tombolinux> It's ok for me, with some expanded time lapses we can
collect much solid impressions
* MohsenSaeedi agrees
<noriko> okay. then let's try Monthly!
<noriko> 3. F11 Software translation review & F12 improvement
<noriko> There are some packages seems hardly to follow String Freeze,
such as Comps etc.
<noriko> Is there any other packages noticed?
<MostafaDaneshvar> As guys discussed in the list release-note long and
hard for translating , I wanna add it also
<noriko> yeah, it is long, I myself a bit surprised.
<noriko> For software, let's make a complete list and define the
solution with engineering.
<noriko> 4. F11 Release Notes issue
<noriko> As MostafaDaneshvar pointed, it is long.
<noriko> There is Colophon issue has not been solved yet.
<MostafaDaneshvar> can we break it? does TX have this ability to merge them?
<noriko> glezos, ivazquez|laptop, diegobz_ , how you think in terms of TX?
<tombolinux> huge docs make the translation impossible for little teams.
my team internally break big .pos in chunks...
<noriko> let's see anyway to break it into small chunks.
<MostafaDaneshvar> I think we can ask guys in TX like glezos to have
such a feature in future
<glezos> noriko: there is an open ticket for it, as far as I know
<noriko> glezos: oh, can you point it for us?
<glezos> I'd be willing to help someone out write some added
functionality to break a file up in pieces.
<glezos> scratch that. There is no open ticket. But it sounds like nice
functionality to have.
* glezos wishes we had a plugin mechanism in place
* glezos needs to go
--- glezos は glezos_afk にニックを変更しました
<noriko> we should inform this issue to  docs team as well.
<noriko> 5. F11 Other guides issue
<MostafaDaneshvar> noriko: would u inform theme?
<noriko> MostafaDaneshvar: yes.
<MostafaDaneshvar> them/
<noriko> is any issue from other guides?
<noriko> How about screenshots for Install guide?
<noriko> Install guide contains loads of screenshots, and docs team wish
to have them captured in local languages too.
<tombolinux> ...
<tombolinux> is there a standardized method to do that?
<noriko> afaik, it just started in discussion.
<noriko> I am asking for the number of screenshots, steps to reach each
screens, and any virtural env provided.
<noriko> tombolinux: basically run anaconda in gui, then capture the
screen in own language. simple task.
<MostafaDaneshvar> I have some problems (numbers especially) with
countdown logo and its translation. I've mentioned them with guys in web
and art
<noriko> sorry should not say simple task.
<noriko> MostafaDaneshvar: any reply from them?
<tombolinux> can a team do this simple task automaticalli for all languages?
<MostafaDaneshvar> noriko: it's related actually to its design. they
can't change it
<noriko> tombolinux: how, for example?
<tombolinux> the team that extract the screenshot for en should publish
the pics for all languages...
<noriko> MostafaDaneshvar: aha... remember now. I believe it should be
improved in F12.
<tombolinux> can the docs team do that?
* MostafaDaneshvar hopes
<noriko> tombolinux: the team probably means the author(s), and they
can't read all our languages.
<noriko> they are unable to justify that they capture correct shots.
<noriko> tombolinux: I will collect more clear information.
<tombolinux> it's not an automatic task
<noriko> no it is not.
<-- MohsenSaeedi has quit ("Leaving.")
<noriko> Any other issue?
<noriko> 6. L10n Infra team Report
* noriko can not see anyone from L10n infra team ...
<noriko> 7. Open floor / AOB (any other business)
* MostafaDaneshvar thanks noriko and other guys for being here
* noriko thanks to MostafaDaneshvar, tombolinux and ohters for being
here too :)
<tombolinux> thank-you
<noriko> no more to discuss today?
<noriko> shall we close the meeting in 10 secs?
<noriko> 9
<noriko> 8
<noriko> you can have some now?
<noriko> 5
<noriko> 2
<noriko> 1
<noriko> ***** FLP Meeting Closed *****

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