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2009/5/6 Dimitris Glezos <dimitris at>:
> 2009/5/6 Noriko Mizumoto <noriko at>:
>> Hello L10N Infra team
>> As we know, the subject is known issue both in docs team and l10n team.
>> There are some decisions made docs team side to improve this issue [1].
>> During today's FLP meeting, another idea came up to address this issue
>> from l10n team side that is to break the file in small chunks.
>> Could you kindly assess the feasibility and the scope of this idea?
>> [1]:
> A small plugin-like application could be written on top of Transifex
> that takes a PO file and cuts it into chunks of a reasonable size,
> offering them for download as a zip file.
> Then, the submission method can be tweaked so that it takes the
> uploaded file and instead of overwriting the source file on the
> server, to msgmerge it and submit the msgmerged file. This way
> translators can take a chunk, translate it, and submit it for
> inclusion in the server file.

yes, but take into account that PO file can be updated after being
chuncked, so when merging back there may be outdated strings still. I
did a perl script myself in the past for doing this kind of work.

However, the issue with release notes is not the length -- but the
enormous workload that will be of no use in 6 months... I'm okay if a
translation has 1000 messages, as far as they are more or less the
same through Fedora cycles (say anaconda or documentation guides). If
that's not the case, then for my team release notes will come last.

Hope this helps!
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