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Re: Pictures in the Installation Guide

Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
The number of screenshots (how many screenshots) will help L10N team to weigh the task.
There are 68 screenshots in the Installation Guide
The detailed steps to get there (each screen) will speed up translators to complete the task, it is usually more complicated task than general imagination. Is any virtual environment to be provided? Otherwise each translator needs to download target Fedora and perform the install process on their own machine for this purpose.

Actually, it's even more complicated than that. Remember that this is the *installation* process we're documenting here, so the screenshots need to be taken on a different machine (real or virtual) from the one on which you're performing the installation process. You therefore either need to install Fedora on one machine while controlling the installation process and taking screenshots with a second machine (that is, performing a VNC installation) or install Fedora on a virtual machine (I use Sun VirtualBox for this).

Given the complexity of organising this, it was just easier for me to take the screenshots in each language myself. If you look at the test builds available here: http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/Installation%20Guide/ you will see that each language has its own set of screenshots (with the exception of a few languages where the installation process itself has not been localised yet -- for example, Latvian -- which use the English screenshots).

Additionally, I'm aware that this is a very big book and a very demanding one for translators. I hope that taking care of the screenshots is at least one little thing that I can do to make their lives easier :)


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