Revert commit to system-config-printer (F10)

Andrew Martynov andrewm at
Tue May 12 09:54:05 UTC 2009

As for me some kind of confirmation "Are you sure to upload XX.po for Russian translation of YY project?" in Firefox window will be enough. Just to eliminate mouse pointer focus problem in web browser.

Andrew Martynov

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2009/5/12 Andrew Martynov <andrewm at>:
> I uploaded by mistake Russian translation of system-config-printer
> 1-0-x (F10 release) over Norwegian Norsk.

Seeing we had a couple of these, I wonder what the best way to address it could be. The first step would be a confirmation screen with a diff. Another would be a 'revert last commit' button. What would work more for you guys?


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