comps change for Fedora 11: removal of specspo?

Domingo Becker domingobecker at
Wed May 13 22:30:48 UTC 2009

2009/5/13 Bill Nottingham <notting at>:
> A week ago we were dealing with how to make both the DVD images
> fit on a DVD, and the Live images fit on a CD. We made the decision
> to remove specspo from the base group:
> based on the following reasons:
> 1) The translations in it have not been updated since October of 2007
> 2) I was unable to ascertain a functional upstream for this package,
> so there both are no updated translations that could be pulled, nor
> a way to actually submit updated ones
> That being said, in retrospect, this should be run past the localization
> steering committee.
> Would you prefer obsolete, incomplete, and unfixable (at this time)
> translations for package summaries and descriptions over no translations?
> If so, we can put this back and try and find the space elsewhere.

It's preferable to remove it from the installation media if space is needed.
The Spanish team has many translations there but it's useless if we
will only see them when installing.
Nobody pays attention to those strings when package installation has started.

2009/5/13 Stepan Kasal <skasal at>:
> Yes, I admit that I have made a big mistake.
> Now, when this has been brought to my attention, is there anything I
> can do to help?  I think I could still rebuild with the newly
> submitted translations, perhaps it could be pushed to F11 even though
> we are in freeze?
> I'm afraid the long term solution should probably be to find someone
> who is at least minimally interested in translations, instalation
> process, and/or pirut^Wwhats-the-current-rpm-gui-frontend.
> Again, I'm sorry that I did not manage to pay attention to specspo.

No problem Stepan.
As upstream, let me ask you for the possibility to search in the
summary and desc fields in gpk-application, using the translated
This way, we will be able to give a good use of the translations.

After the merge of core and extras repositories, the number of
packages growth so much that it's hard to find something with
gpk-application in English. And I do understand a little ! So imagine
the situation for someone who doesn't understand English.
That's the best use we can give to the translations of summary and desc. IMHO

It is almost everything there, in the repositories. There's no need to
download nothing from source and compile it to use it. But it's hard
to find the package to install, because gpk-application only searches
in the package name field.
There are others improvements, of course, like searching a package
with a filename in the filelist field. But let's start with the use of
translations for searching.

kind regards

Domingo Becker (es)

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