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On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 08:36:22AM -0400, Eric Christensen wrote:
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> From: Domingo Becker
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> Subject: release notes for F11
> To: Fedora Translation Project List
> It's hard to find where to read more about how to configure
> fingerprint readers mentioned in "5.2.1. Fingerprint Readers" of
> Fedora 11 Release Notes.
> Unlike other new sections, it has no links at all.
> Is it possible to add it some links for further reading ?

My suggestion would be a wiki page
[[Configuring_a_fingerprint_reader]], and simply include a link to
that page in the release notes as a separate <para>.  There may
already be a short one-sentence <para> already elsewhere in the
release notes saying "For more information, refer to:".  If so, one
could use that as well, making the added string create zero extra work
for translators.

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