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Re: users-guide

On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 8:05 PM, Ruediger Landmann <r landmann redhat com> wrote:
Hi Domingo,

Spanish version is here: http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/User%20Guide/es-ES.html


Ruediger, thanks a lot for the draft. It let us correct a couple of small details.

Now, there are a few lines that we can't translate because we don't see the strings in the .pot file. Nothing really serious, but we thought that you should know this. Those lines are:

. Note title "Permanently deleting files" [1].
. Note title and content of "Use de key combination Alt TAB to switch between open windows" [2].
. Note title "Use de key combination Alt TAB to switch between open windows" [3].
. Title and content of frame "Advance Usage" [4].
. Content of frame "Uso Avanzado" [5].
. Title of frame "Advanced usage" [6].

See you around,

[1] http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/User%20Guide/es-ES.html#sect-User_Guide-_The_GNOME_desktop_-_The_desktop_area_
[2] http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/User%20Guide/es-ES.html#sect-User_Guide-_The_GNOME_desktop_-_The_window_list_panel_
[3] http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/User%20Guide/es-ES.html#sect-User_Guide-The_Xfce_4_desktop-The_Xfce_4_window_list_panel
[4] http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/User%20Guide/es-ES.html#sect-User_Guide-Making_bootable_USB_media-USB_image_creation_in_Fedora
[5] http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/User%20Guide/es-ES.html#sect-User_Guide-Accessing_the_Web-Transferring_files
[6] http://rlandmann.fedorapeople.org/User%20Guide/es-ES.html#sect-User_Guide-Managing_software-Advanced_Yum

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