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Блуд admin at
Sun May 31 21:56:24 UTC 2009


My name is Jurijs Kolomijecs and I'm from Latvia.
I may help in translation to Russian and Latvian languages.
Currently I work in Tele2 Billing and am a student of Transport and
Telecommunication Institute (just after some weeks I'll become a bachelor)
as programmer.
I use Fedora since 6th version and currently have Fedora 11 on my
notebook. Also I have web-server running on Fedora 9.

Hope I can help Fedora community.

bash-4.0$ gpg --fingerprint 029F4716
pub   1024D/029F4716 2009-05-31
      Key fingerprint = BFFC 3DD0 1A31 0F85 4C4E  0CAD E149 C5C6 029F 4716
uid                  Jurijs Kolomijecs (Fedora) <admin at>
sub   2048g/427989A2 2009-05-31

Jurijs Kolomijecs

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