HELP for F12 website components was =>(Re: Website Translation)

Piotr Drąg piotrdrag at
Mon Nov 9 14:40:02 UTC 2009

W dniu 09.11.2009 02:32, Noriko Mizumoto pisze:
>>>> In this project, it seems that there are two components for
>>>>, which are f12-beta-fedoraproject and
>>>> master-fedoraproject.
>>>> I am assuming that the first one of f-12-beta-fedoraproject should be
>>>> translated for Fedora 12.
>>>> Could you someone please clarify this for me?

You might missed a message from Ricky, who explained the situation.

"Translations to the master branch will show up on fp.o on release day,
and translations to the f12-beta branch will show up on fp.o from now
until release day."

Piotr Drąg

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