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Wed Nov 11 04:29:14 UTC 2009

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(2009年11月11日 14:23), Paul W. Frields wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 02:14:06PM +1000, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
>> Hello John,
>> I have a request for next release schedule.
>>> Fri 06-Nov  Fri 13-Nov  Translate Final Release Banners (POT to PO)
>>> Fri 13-Nov  Fri 13-Nov  Translation Deadline: Final Release Banners (PO)
>> Afaik, we have not  heard from Design team. Then I found that there
>> is no task item in Design team task schedule to pass the ball to
>> Translation team. It would be nice if the item something like below
>> could be added for F13;
>> 'Fri06-Nov Pass the file/text of final release banners to translation team'
>> So that we can hear from them timely manner.
>> This time, it seems that F12 release banner [1] does not contain any
>> text, if I am looking at correct ones. I am not sure if translators
>> would like to capture the screen-shot to replace English screen.
>> [1]:
> I think the latest banner may be here.  I apologize if I got this
> wrong or am pointing at the wrong one:
> It looks to me like the text in that banner is probably not part of a
> translatable string in an SVG.  Is that correct?
Fedora-zh (Fedora Chinese, as CC'ed with this thread), was privately 
discussing about a Chinese intrepretation of the word 'Unite'. I 
personally think the string on the SVG *might be* translatable, if it 
could help promoting F12. :)

> Also, I wanted to say you brought up a very good point here.  Schedule
> items work even better when they're *actionable*.  When the task is
> clear, it's easier for anyone who reads the schedule to know what they
> need to do.  The task item you wrote above is very clear and helpful.
Caius 'kaio' Chance

かいお kaio |

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