Czech translation of IQSG

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Thu Nov 12 00:50:48 UTC 2009

On 11/12/2009 06:56 AM, Josef Hruška wrote:
> > From yesterday, there is 100 % translation of Installation Quick Start
> Guide in Czech in Transifex. Why it is not available on the Fedora draft
> documentation web site?
> Can anybody explain it to me please? (Sorry, I am still not very
> familiar with all necessary steps that has to be taken between uploading
> a translation to Transifex and its publication in software and/or web site.)
Hi Josef -- it's not there because the document maintainer (in this 
case, me!) hasn't rebuilt the guide since you sent in your final 

Most mornings (ie, around 2200 UTC in my timezone), I check for any 
translations of any guides that hit 100%; usually I'll get a new build 
of the doc uploaded within 24 hours if nobody else from docs has already 
done it.

At the moment, this is quite an intensive manual process. The docs 
maintainer must:

1. Pull in the new translation from Transifex

2. Split the PO file into the multiple PO files within the a local copy 
of the Publican document

3. Build the document in Publican. If there are any XML errors in the PO 
files, correct these one at a time. Repeat this step as many times as 
necessary until the document actually builds.

4. Copy the PDF and HTML files output by Publican into a local copy of

5. Run CVS operations to add, commit, and tag the new or updated files. 
Because CVS add and commit operations are not recursive, and because 
HTML documents produced in Publican have several subdirectories, this is 
more complicated than it sounds, and very prone to errors. It's easy to 
get lost in the subdirectories and forget which ones you have committed 
and which ones you haven't. I think that all of us frequently make 
mistakes here.

6. If this is a new translation for this version of the document, 
manually update the index page to include this document (and then commit 
and tag the changes in CVS)

7. Wait several hours for the web server to sync to the CVS repo; 
sometimes we find mistakes only at this point, correct them, and have to 
wait several hours again to see the changes.

When the Fedora 12 infra freeze is over (in another week or so), we 
should soon get Tranisfex 0.7. This will eliminate Step 2, and will 
allow translators to do the testing in Step 3 themselves. We know that 
you guys are flying blind at the moment with no way to test your work. 
This is very frustrating for both sides here :)

When we get Zikula (sometime in the future) it should greatly simplify 
steps 4, 5 and 7. We should also be able to automate step 6.

I hope this explanation helps anyone who is curious to understand the 
current process. On the other hand, maybe it's like sausages -- if you 
love them, you probably don't want to know how they get made! :)

OK -- now I will go and build the IQSG for Czech ;)



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