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Josef Hruška josefhruska at
Thu Nov 12 19:11:58 UTC 2009

Hi Rudi (and Piotr, too),

thank you for your explanation. I think I have rather easy life when I
see the process...
I hope there are not many errors in the translation. Especially, that I
have copied all the XML tags correctly this time, so you do not have
extra work with the build. I am looking into git. But I see that I do
not know into what file to look to learn if there were errors in XML
tags made during the translation (I know that there can be a lot of
them, based on my experience with translation of Release Notes). So, let
me please know if there is also something to correct this time.


Ruediger Landmann napsal(a):
> On 11/12/2009 06:56 AM, Josef Hruška wrote:
>> > From yesterday, there is 100 % translation of Installation Quick Start
>> Guide in Czech in Transifex. Why it is not available on the Fedora draft
>> documentation web site?
>> Can anybody explain it to me please? (Sorry, I am still not very
>> familiar with all necessary steps that has to be taken between uploading
>> a translation to Transifex and its publication in software and/or web
>> site.)
> Hi Josef -- it's not there because the document maintainer (in this
> case, me!) hasn't rebuilt the guide since you sent in your final
> translation.
> Most mornings (ie, around 2200 UTC in my timezone), I check for any
> translations of any guides that hit 100%; usually I'll get a new build
> of the doc uploaded within 24 hours if nobody else from docs has already
> done it.
> At the moment, this is quite an intensive manual process. The docs
> maintainer must:
> 1. Pull in the new translation from Transifex
> 2. Split the PO file into the multiple PO files within the a local copy
> of the Publican document
> 3. Build the document in Publican. If there are any XML errors in the PO
> files, correct these one at a time. Repeat this step as many times as
> necessary until the document actually builds.
> 4. Copy the PDF and HTML files output by Publican into a local copy of
> 5. Run CVS operations to add, commit, and tag the new or updated files.
> Because CVS add and commit operations are not recursive, and because
> HTML documents produced in Publican have several subdirectories, this is
> more complicated than it sounds, and very prone to errors. It's easy to
> get lost in the subdirectories and forget which ones you have committed
> and which ones you haven't. I think that all of us frequently make
> mistakes here.
> 6. If this is a new translation for this version of the document,
> manually update the index page to include this document (and then commit
> and tag the changes in CVS)
> 7. Wait several hours for the web server to sync to the CVS repo;
> sometimes we find mistakes only at this point, correct them, and have to
> wait several hours again to see the changes.
> When the Fedora 12 infra freeze is over (in another week or so), we
> should soon get Tranisfex 0.7. This will eliminate Step 2, and will
> allow translators to do the testing in Step 3 themselves. We know that
> you guys are flying blind at the moment with no way to test your work.
> This is very frustrating for both sides here :)
> When we get Zikula (sometime in the future) it should greatly simplify
> steps 4, 5 and 7. We should also be able to automate step 6.
> I hope this explanation helps anyone who is curious to understand the
> current process. On the other hand, maybe it's like sausages -- if you
> love them, you probably don't want to know how they get made! :)
> OK -- now I will go and build the IQSG for Czech ;)
> Cheers
> Rudi
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