Midnight Commander needs help with translations!

Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at redhat.com
Fri Nov 20 12:56:40 UTC 2009

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On 11/20/2009 07:36 AM, Ville-Pekka Vainio wrote:
> pe, 2009-11-20 kello 13:01 +0100, Jindrich Novy kirjoitti:
>> Hi all!
>> Slava, one of the Midnight Commander upstream maintainers pleased me
>> to contact you, the professional community translators :) to help with
>> translations of the MC project which will be released soon, just needs
>> a bit of translation updating. I' sure you know the mc as many of you
>> are long-time users of it in Fedora.
> Has the MC project thought about accepting translations from a Transifex
> installation? http://www.transifex.net/ might be a good place, since MC
> itself has very little to do with Fedora and using
> https://translate.fedoraproject.org/ might limit the number of possible
> translators.
> In my opinion, now that we have these automated translation
> submission/coordination systems such as Transifex, attaching
> translations to bugzilla/trac tickets or sending them to mailing lists
> just feels cumbersome.

Well, Transifex doesn't do a very good job of recruiting translators for
a project. My project was on Transifex.net for several months, but I
only started getting submissions to it when I made a request to this
mailing list. So I'd have to say this is an effective approach.

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