Accessibility Guide

Piotr Drąg piotrdrag at
Sun Nov 22 20:32:46 UTC 2009

W dniu 22.11.2009 21:14, Eric Christensen pisze:
> I think I am at a point where the new(er) Accessibility Guide is ready
> to be translated.  It is more of an article than a guide at only nine
> pages.
> The git is located at and
> permissions to the repo should be ready.
> What else do you need to know?

Unfortunately, bug #518348 is still blocking us. When this issue is
solved, we will need a branch which you would us to translate.

To L10n Admin Team: Isn't it past Infra freeze? When will we be moving
to Transifex 0.7.x?

Piotr Drąg

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