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Mon Nov 23 17:50:31 UTC 2009

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As of this moment, the SSSD is in string freeze until the release of the
1.0 Release Candidate. This means that we will not be accepting any
patches that change, add or remove translatable strings until after we
make a release. We expect to package this release either on Wednesday,
Nov. 25 or the following Monday, Nov. 30.

The pot-files have been regenerated and are fully up-to-date for this
release. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

> We haven't actually gone into string freeze yet, that's planned for
> either this Friday or the following Monday (depending on our
> feature-complete status). At that time I will regenerate the
> translatable strings.
> I expect that this will add/alter approximately 20-30 strings that will
> need translation updates.
> So feel free to wait until Monday if you want to contribute a translation.
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