Self-Introduction: Yajith Ajantha

Yajith Ajantha Dayarathna | යජිත් අජන්ත දයාරත්න yajith at
Sun Nov 29 09:23:05 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I'm a FOSS Enthusiast based in Sri Lanka & A Systems Engineer in profession.
I have contributed to Pidgin-Sinhala (si-LK) Translation work, and I am a
long term power user of Fedora / Red Hat Operating Systems. I'm interested
in working on Fedora (si-LK) Translations.

Fedora Account Name : yajith

pub   4096R/1FA02943 2009-11-29 [expires: 2010-05-28]
      Key fingerprint = A4EE C6BB 5464 9292 14D8  7E10 C28C 9F97 1FA0 2943
uid                  Yajith Ajantha Dayarathna (yajith) <yajith at>
sub   4096R/EEAED55F 2009-11-29 [expires: 2010-05-28]

Best Regards.
Yajith Ajantha | යජිත් අජන්ත
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