Self-Introduction: Votta Luigi

luigi luigi.votta at
Sat Nov 28 11:43:53 UTC 2009

Good Day,
I am Votta Luigi from Italy and I would dedicate some time to translate
Fedora Documentations from english to italian.
I have a primary degree in Electronics.
I use Fedora from the beginnings of its adventure to produce docs, to
navigate the web, hear musics, play (Mahjongg and AisleRiot are
I have good knowledge of C programming and some understanding of
computer architectures, gained at University.

pub   2048R/03DCBEE3 2009-11-27
Key fingerprint = 6462 9570 CBD6 3F4D 9DEC  3754 3DF9 D585 03DC BEE3
sub   2048R/B54DF9FC 2009-11-27

Greetings to all you, I wait for an answer.

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