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Domingo Becker domingobecker at
Tue Oct 6 12:22:48 UTC 2009

2009/10/6 Ruediger Landmann <r.landmann at>:
> No books were actually changed; only the main index page. Therefore, any
> errors in any books were already there. In the case of the Installation
> Guide, since 19 June [1]; and in the case of the Installation Quick Start
> Guide, since 6 August [2].

I remember that. I remember I have asked that before.
If it's possible to correct it, please do so.
If you need some more extra work from us, just let us know.

> Please file a bug against the Fedora 11 Installation Guide so that we have a
> record that this happened.

Ok, I'll file a bug report.

> If anyone knows of a more reliable method or tool to merge the many small PO
> files into a single, big PO file, please say so!
> I also seem to recall seeing problems in the other direction; some strings
> that were translated in the big PO files were sometimes lost while splitting
> them into many small PO files -- I can't think of an example right now, but
> someone else might remember?
>> and the common content.
> As far as I can tell. the only part of the Common Content that ever appeared
> in English was the Legal Notice, which always appears in English, for legal
> reasons. Was there something else wrong?

No. It seems it's in English for the new books.
Take a look at [1]
If there are legal issues about this, then leave it like this.
Otherwise, it would be better to have that localised.
I know a wrong translation here would be a problem. But if a
translator has doubts, then it's better to leave it untranslated.


> Of course, the degree of localisation depends on the degree of localisation
> in anaconda.

So, the problem is in anaconda. I'll take a closer look today, I have
to install Fedora on a desktop computer for production. I will file a
bug report against anaconda so they include those strings too in the
pot file.

> Of course, with so many screenshots and so many languages, it's quite
> possible I made some mistakes here and there.

That's why I say that you probably will need our help.
We (translators) are more interested than anyone else in its accuracy.
So let us know, we'll be glad to help you.

The big pot file issue is solved in the next Transifex, that is not
still in use in Fedora Infrastructure.
If necessary, let's wait until then. Anyway, we still have work to do
with Installation Guide, Virtualization Guide and SELinux Managing
Confined Services Guide. We can be busy until that upgrade.

Thank you Ruediger, specially for your interest to improve Fedora's
documentation quality.
And thank you all the docs team, for all the great books you gave us
since Fedora 11. They cover almost every aspect ! There's no need to
go and read elsewhere. It makes me happy. :-)

kind regards

Domingo Becker (es)

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