Release Notes errors 06-Oct

Josef Hrus(ka josef.hruska at
Tue Oct 6 21:06:02 UTC 2009

John J. McDonough napsal(a):
> I will be building the beta RPM this morning, so and updates you post
> after last night won't be included in the RPM.  There are still errors
> in cs-CZ, zh-CN and zh-TW (as can be seen from the dates of the last
> successful build in
> All three languages have multiple errors.  When I build overnight the
> build stops at the first error.  This morning I have been manually
> building attempting to identify all the errors.  Unfortunately, my fixes
> are temporary; if I push my changes they will only be overwritten by the
> next push from Transifex.
> All of the errors are missing semicolons from &PRODVER; and —

It seems that thanks to raven (Piotr) the missing semicolons were
corrected for the Czech translation. So, I am sorry I have made the errors.

And thank you very much, raven!

If you have some suggestions/recommendations how to eliminate this my
problematic "human factor" next time, they are really welcome.

> I will continue to allow the cron job to run for a while so you can
> continue to see the final result, but I won't be reviewing the logs
> every morning.

I am just wondering if there will be the cs-CZ translation of RN
available in the following days based on the version in transifex. The
last successful build is based on a version of the translation when it
was at 40%. Now (from Sunday) it is at 90%. But because of the errors
there has not been a successful build with the version at 90% so far.
Can I expect that there will be a build in the following days?


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