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Domingo Becker domingobecker at
Wed Oct 7 03:30:36 UTC 2009

2009/10/6 Ruediger Landmann <r.landmann at>:
> As you say later in your email, this is time and effort that we could
> probably all spend in better ways, especially because when we get Transifex
> 0.7, this problem will go away by itself! :) Please make sure to file that
> bug, though.

No problem, let's wait for the next Transifex.

> The Fedora 10 Release Notes were an anomaly; they are the only place I've
> found the Legal Notice ever translated -- it certainly wasn't that way in
> the Release Notes in earlier versions.

:-)   LOL

> I have confirmed with Red Hat's legal department today that this notice
> should not be translated. The reason is simple: in legal matters, the
> /exact/ wording of the notice has consequences. Therefore, if we translate
> the legal notice, the legal department would need to check and approve the
> wording in every language. Unfortunately, the legal department simply does
> not have the resources to do this.

You're right about this.
Then let's leave it in English.
I'll have one prepared in Spanish in the wiki, just in case somebody asks.

> Maybe this should be added to an L10N FAQ somewhere?

Anyway, nobody asked so far.
It's not that frequent. :-)

It looks like the welcome message [1] is strong enough.
It leaves it clear that it's free to use.
Maybe that's why there are no questions.




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