Release Notes errors 06-Oct

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Wed Oct 7 18:24:55 UTC 2009

John J. McDonough napsal(a):
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>> I am just wondering if there will be the cs-CZ translation of RN
>> available in the following days based on the version in transifex. The
>> last successful build is based on a version of the translation when it
>> was at 40%. Now (from Sunday) it is at 90%. But because of the errors
>> there has not been a successful build with the version at 90% so far.
>> Can I expect that there will be a build in the following days?
> Josef
> I will continue to run te job, but there were a number of other issues
> in the Czek translation that I eventually fixed for the rpm.  However,
> my fixes don't go back to Transifex, so the errors will still be there
> for the job that runs tonight.
OK, I understand.
> All the corrections are in the cs.po in the master branch of git, but
> pulling them out from that gigantic file will be something of a chore.
> I was thinking that I could push up the log file instead of the html
> if the job should fail, but then you wouldn't be able to just look at
> the dates to see whether it was successful.  At least that way you
> could get the error without my having to manually pull it out.    And
> even then, the error messages themselves are kind of hard to
> understand much of the time.
> I was going to post the non-&PRODVER; diff, but it is hard to read
> without the color coding.  But, you can see the color coded changes at
> this horrible URL:
That's fine. I now know where to look and in what. And I can then
"propagate" (manually copy) the changes to the Transifex.
Sorry that I am not very helpful to your work. Translating several
hundreds of strings is not easy for one person. So, I usually try to
translate quickly, but without any real or deep control quality
considerations. Then I do the other rounds where I concentrate much more
on the quality - first, trying to correct my mistakes (spelling,
grammar) and second, very often I have to look at the Internet for
information on some projects/software to be able to translate some more
technically-oriented topics (sometime I have no really a clue what I am
translating about). In short, I have just finished the first round. Now,
it's the time when I will try to correct my mistakes and overall polish
the text.
It is just that if I can have access to files like your one it would be
fine also for me to correct myself. But anyway, next time I will try to
be more careful also to you, ie. from the beginning. ;-)
> It should be fairly evident that the red lines were replaced with the
> green.
> Hope this helps, and thanks fr paying such close attention
> --McD

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