Arabic translations?

Munzir Taha ( منذر =?utf-8?q?_=D8=B7=D9=87?=) munzirtaha at
Thu Oct 8 13:38:27 UTC 2009

I think I am the current maintainer of Fedora and frankly the current 
situation is a disaster. The last time some one offered to help is Jan/2007 as 
can be seen here:

I believe I used to respond properly to any message in the Arabic Fedora 
mailing list. I really got busy to the point I couldn't translate myself but 
always doing a good job reviewing and guiding others on how to submit proper 
translations. However, this is not the best situation I know.

Sherif, may be it's better you take the torch now or find someone who can 
encourage a community around the Arabic translation. Please, advice and I am 
all yours and thanks for your care about our language.

On Yaum al-Ithnain 15 Shawwal 1430 5:45:01 pm Sherif Abdelgawad wrote:
> We need to get new maintainer based on the team there.
> I was handling this but the active team went dead.
> If there is someone who would like to take the lead and start again , I
>  will be happy to transfer moderation of the arabic list to them or be part
>  of them.
> Currently I don't see anyone active.
> Sherif
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> I was forwarded an email from a new translator who says he signed up
> for the Arabic Fedora L10n list but there is no activity there:
> Nothing since July?  That looks pretty dead to me.  Is there a more
> current area that a translator from Saudi Arabia should be using?

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