Need Some Small Translations Done.

Ricardo Dueñas Parada rduenasp at
Sun Oct 11 18:46:18 UTC 2009

The term media is a little tricky in spanish, so it would be useful if
you can explain about what are you talking about (CD's, audio, video,

> Spanish:
> 1: Media in post this week
> Media publicado esta semana
> 2: Media will be in post next week
> Media será publicado la próxima semana

Fernando, your translations have grammatical and syntactical errors,
please don't send that way, you have to be sure before post. You
translate different the word "Media" ("Media" and "medios") without
apparent reason. And there are no commas or periods anywhere.

As I said before, "Media" mean a lot of things, so to be precise with
the translation, a little more information is needed or an example of
cases where those messages are shown.


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