Need Some Small Translations Done.

"かいお (Kaio)" k at
Sun Oct 11 23:31:02 UTC 2009

(2009年10月12日 04:46), Ricardo Dueñas Parada さんは書きました:
> The term media is a little tricky in spanish, so it would be useful if
> you can explain about what are you talking about (CD's, audio, video,
> ...),
> Fernando, your translations have grammatical and syntactical errors,
> please don't send that way, you have to be sure before post. You
> translate different the word "Media" ("Media" and "medios") without
> apparent reason. And there are no commas or periods anywhere.
> As I said before, "Media" mean a lot of things, so to be precise with
> the translation, a little more information is needed or an example of
> cases where those messages are shown.
FYI, in my translation I also replaced 'media' with 'optical disc'. (In 
traditional Chinese).


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