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Ankit Patel ankit at
Sat Oct 24 11:14:03 UTC 2009

astur wrote:
> Thanks Ankit, I'm sorry for disturb you again...
> I'm lost, so I ask xD

No worries :)

> You say that we can start translating Fedora packages
> I see that fedora uses Transifex: 
> It's the same method that our team used for XFCE translations: 

Right, it's the same method as the one being used for XFCE.

> So the questions are: 1) Where I can find it the packages to begin 
> translate?
> 2) After translating the packages, where I must upload them?

You need to fill this form:
to enable Asturia, which is not there in Translation Quick Start
Guide[1] I guess.

If you do not want to wait till admins enable "Asturian" in the list of
languages, you could still go ahead by visiting "Projects" and choosing
the latest branches (say "master" or "trunk" or "HEAD" or "tip") and
adding ast.po file for respective packages. If you are not comfortable
with it, I would recommend you to wait till Asturian language is
enabled. Sorry about the confusion.

Please do not hesitate to email your queries. You can also catch us over
irc freenode, #fedora-l10n (nick: ankit) channel for quick discussion of
issues you face.


Ankit Patel

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