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Re: Fedora 12 docs now available in Transifex

On 10/02/2009 03:01 AM, Piotr Drąg wrote:
W dniu 01.10.2009 18:52, Ruediger Landmann pisze:
Sorry that, we're a little behind schedule, but Fedora 12 docs are now
available in Transifex:

Many thanks for making that possible!

Just one question. Do you want to disable translation submitting to
Fedora 11 branches? Some people are still working on them. I don't know
if Docs Project is going to publish their updates to F11 documents.

I wondered about this -- it seems to make sense.

So yes, please, wherever an f12 doc is available, please disable submission to the f11 doc. I think we can leave the branches there until f11 goes unsupported.

On the other hand, if anyone in L10N really wants to complete an f11 doc that they're working on, please say so -- I'll make sure that any f11 doc that gets completed will get published.


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