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Re: Fedora 12 docs now available in Transifex

W dniu 01.10.2009 19:08, Ruediger Landmann pisze:
I wondered about this -- it seems to make sense.

So yes, please, wherever an f12 doc is available, please disable
submission to the f11 doc. I think we can leave the branches there until
f11 goes unsupported.

OK, so they are disabled now. They will be there until Fedora 12 goes
gold. We are usually removing Fedora X-1 at that time to make room for
fresh and promising Fedora X+1 release. ;)

On the other hand, if anyone in L10N really wants to complete an f11 doc
that they're working on, please say so -- I'll make sure that any f11
doc that gets completed will get published.

After creating new branches there were commits only to
install-quick-start-guide's Simplified Chinese translation. I've
imported that work to f12-tx now, so it's not lost. If anyone else think
his/her work is lost, please let us know here!

Piotr Drąg

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