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Re: Release Notes errors 05-Oct

The problem is:  There isn't any space  (</ application>)  in pt_BR po file.

Rafael Gomes
Consultor em TI
(71) 8146-5772

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On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Piotr Drąg <piotrdrag gmail com> wrote:
> W dniu 05.10.2009 18:04, Rafael Gomes pisze:
>>>> A versão<application
>>>> GNOME 2.28</ application
>> How can I fix it?
> It could be fixed by removing extra whitespace from </ application> tag,
> but you don't have to, as I did it already for you a few minutes ago.
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> Piotr Drąg
> http://raven.pmail.pl
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