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Re: transifex translation

Dimitris Glezos さんは書きました:
On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 12:25 PM, Noriko Mizumoto <noriko redhat com> wrote:

I have a couple of questions to complete Transifex translation, where should
I post a question mail?

sorry if this is off-topic from f-t-l.

You can ask here, but I guess the best place is the transifex-devel
mailing list or the IRC channel #transifex.

Let me be lazy this time to shoot questions. Please direct me if future question to be made in ML specified above. Here is my questions...

#: languages/management/commands/txcreatelanguages.py:182

* Is this expected to translate?

#: languages/management/commands/txcreatelanguages.py:281

* Is this expected to translate?

#: languages/management/commands/txcreatelanguages.py:371

* Is this expected to translate?

#: languages/management/commands/txcreatelanguages.py:441

* Is this expected to translate?

#: languages/management/commands/txcreatelanguages.py:545
Norwegian Bokmål

* 'Bokmål', Is this expected to translate?

#: languages/management/commands/txcreatelanguages.py:568
Norwegian Nynorsk

* 'Nynorsk', Is this expected to translate?

#: projects/views.py:544
There is no 'pot' directory named in the set of files of this Publian like
component. Maybe its file filter is not allowing access to it.

* 'pot' directory named in', does this mean 'named 'pot' directory with'?

#: releases/models.py:37
The last date packages from this release can be built from the developers.
Translations sent after this date will not be included in the released

* assuming the string is for the date 'Software: Rebuild all translated packages' in current schedule, the latter sentence starting with 'Translations sent...' may throw some confusion. How about 'Translations sent before this date may or may not be included in the released version, no guarantee.'?

#: templates/404.html:12
Looks like you followed a bad link. If you think it's our fault, please <a
href='http://transifex.org/newticket'>let us know</a>.

* What does it mean 'bad link'?

#: templates/500.html:14
We're messing around with things internally, and the server had a bit of a

* I am sorry... I can't understand what is going on here.

#: templates/languages/language_release.html:53
If you think this shouldn't happen, please <a href=\"%(contact_form)s\">let
us know</a>.

* 'this', what happened??

#: templates/notification/notices.html:56
change under

* No idea how to be used this string...

#: templates/projects/component_detail.html:88
Link to a web front-end to the source

* Link?

#: templates/projects/component_detail.html:106
#: templates/projects/component_list.html:16
#: templates/projects/project_detail.html:78
#: templates/projects/project_detail.html:88
#: templates/txcollections/collection_list.html:44
#: templates/txcollections/collection_list.html:45

* Any translation into Japanese causes fault.

#: translations/templates/comp_lang_stats_table.html:32

* Can this be translated 'Translated' or 'Translation'?

#: translations/templates/comp_lang_stats_table.html:32

* Can this be translated 'Untranslated'?

Thank you so much for your help.


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