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Re: Release Notes errors 06-Oct

----- Original Message ----- From: "Josef Hrus(ka" <josef hruska upcmail cz> To: "John J. McDonough" <wb8rcr arrl net>; "Fedora Translation Project List" <fedora-trans-list redhat com>
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009 5:06 PM
Subject: Re: Release Notes errors 06-Oct

I am just wondering if there will be the cs-CZ translation of RN
available in the following days based on the version in transifex. The
last successful build is based on a version of the translation when it
was at 40%. Now (from Sunday) it is at 90%. But because of the errors
there has not been a successful build with the version at 90% so far.
Can I expect that there will be a build in the following days?


I will continue to run te job, but there were a number of other issues in the Czek translation that I eventually fixed for the rpm. However, my fixes don't go back to Transifex, so the errors will still be there for the job that runs tonight.

All the corrections are in the cs.po in the master branch of git, but pulling them out from that gigantic file will be something of a chore.

I was thinking that I could push up the log file instead of the html if the job should fail, but then you wouldn't be able to just look at the dates to see whether it was successful. At least that way you could get the error without my having to manually pull it out. And even then, the error messages themselves are kind of hard to understand much of the time.

I was going to post the non-&PRODVER; diff, but it is hard to read without the color coding. But, you can see the color coded changes at this horrible URL:


It should be fairly evident that the red lines were replaced with the green.

Hope this helps, and thanks fr paying such close attention


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