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Re: some issues in docs.fedoraproject.org

On 10/06/2009 10:22 PM, Domingo Becker wrote:
2009/10/6 Ruediger Landmann<r landmann redhat com>:
No books were actually changed; only the main index page. Therefore, any
errors in any books were already there. In the case of the Installation
Guide, since 19 June [1]; and in the case of the Installation Quick Start
Guide, since 6 August [2].
I remember that. I remember I have asked that before.
If it's possible to correct it, please do so.
If you need some more extra work from us, just let us know.

The only way I can see to correct this will be:

* I identify the PO files in Publican that still contain fuzzy and untranslated strings even after the big Transifex PO file has been split across them
* I email these PO files out to translators
* Translators work on these files and mail them back to me
* I check these files into the repo manually
* I rebuild and republish the books with the updated PO files in place
* We all pray that the next time that we split a big PO file from Transifex across the Publican PO files, that it does not break what we did in the above steps :)

Basically, we side-step Transifex with a manual process.

If any language team would like to attempt this with the Installation Guide and Installation Quick Start Guide, I'm prepared to work with you to do this. But I admit that I'm not very eager to "work around" our own systems and processes this way :(

As you say later in your email, this is time and effort that we could probably all spend in better ways, especially because when we get Transifex 0.7, this problem will go away by itself! :) Please make sure to file that bug, though.

and the common content.
As far as I can tell. the only part of the Common Content that ever appeared
in English was the Legal Notice, which always appears in English, for legal
reasons. Was there something else wrong?
No. It seems it's in English for the new books.
Take a look at [1]
If there are legal issues about this, then leave it like this.
Otherwise, it would be better to have that localised.
I know a wrong translation here would be a problem. But if a
translator has doubts, then it's better to leave it untranslated.

[1] http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/f10/es/sn-legalnotice.html

The Fedora 10 Release Notes were an anomaly; they are the only place I've found the Legal Notice ever translated -- it certainly wasn't that way in the Release Notes in earlier versions.

I have confirmed with Red Hat's legal department today that this notice should not be translated. The reason is simple: in legal matters, the /exact/ wording of the notice has consequences. Therefore, if we translate the legal notice, the legal department would need to check and approve the wording in every language. Unfortunately, the legal department simply does not have the resources to do this.

Maybe this should be added to an L10N FAQ somewhere?

Cheers, and thanks for your kind words :)


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