How to proof-read or review s-c-*-docs translations?

Ankit Patel ankit at
Thu Oct 8 07:23:32 UTC 2009


Though this is little late for Fedora 12 now, some of you may be still
translating system-config-{date,samba,nfs,services,users}-docs packages. Just
came across a query on the $subject.

To review or proof-read software packages the process is pretty known I guess.
- Download the PO files
- Convert to MO files using "msgfmt -i PO_file -o MO_file"
- Place the MO files to locale directories
'/usr/share/locale/<locale_name>/LC_MESSAGES/' with appropriate naming
- Run the application in your native language.
That's it!

However, to review or proof-read s-c-*-docs packages the process is bit
different since the translations are picked up from translated xml files by the
utility called yelp to view help messages. So, here goes the steps of file
conversion & hence review:
- Make sure you have "kdesdk" package group installed, which provides po2xml
conversion utility
- Download the PO files from transifex status page, for instance
- Translate or modify your PO file (when you are reviewing)
- Grab the english XML file from git repo[1] OR from your locally installed one
from "/usr/share/gnome/help/system-config-date/C/system-config-date.xml"
- Convert your PO to xml using "po2xml system-config-date.xml
system-config-date.master-docs.ja.po > system-config-date.ja.xml"
- Place the converted xml file to "sudo cp system-config-date.ja.xml
- And run system-config-date in your native language. When you click on "Help"
will get you the modified translations.
- That's it.

In short, you need to convert PO to xml file that yelp understands and put it
under right location.



Ankit Patel

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