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Re: Cracklib Translations.

Ankit Patel wrote:
During the installation I just realized that there were quite a few messages appear in English after Amanpreet Singh Aalam showed it to me. The messages
were coming from a package called cracklib.

Cracklib is a next generation version of libCrack password checking library.

Anaconda depends on cracklib for password checking while entering root password during installation. The messages that comes during installation
while entering new passwords for root user do come from cracklib package. So,
the translation of cracklib package is quite helpful to make your anaconda
look completely localized.

Translations of cracklib can now be submitted through transifex upstream [2].
 It's a very small amount of translation work - 15 messages only. Thanks to
Jan Dittberner from cracklib.sf.net for working with upstream transifex to get it included.

[1] http://cracklib.sourceforge.net/ [2]

Certain things here are different in terms of submitting translations, since
it's an upstream project and upstream transifex for translation submission.

1. You need to create a new account on transifex.net
2. To become a translator for Cracklib, you need to apply for translation
submission permission from[2]
3. Once upstream approves you can submit your translations normally as you do
with translate.fedoraproject.org
4. Your submission will not reflect the statistics immediately.

Ankit Patel

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