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Update on desktop-effects

Thanks for all the positive responses on earlier mail.

I apologize for the new strings not appearing in transifex earlier; it's
my first time maintaining a project translated with transifex, so it
didn't occur to me that I was responsible for updating
desktop-effects.pot in git.

That has been done now, and the new strings are now showing up on:


I did take advantage of my mistake to do a small string update - I added
a check for hardware OpenGL support, so there are a couple of new
strings related to that in addition to the ones I mentioned earlier.
(The total count of new strings is now 15.)

A question: 

My experience in GNOME is that translators don't like 'make update-po'
(msgmerge) being run by the maintainer. They'd rather do the merge
themselves when they are editing the translation.

On the other hand:



"Ideally, all POs should be msgmerged each time the POT is updated (ie.
by the developer)." 

So I went ahead and ran 'make update-po' and checked the result in. Was
that the right thing to do?

- Owen

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