Self-Introduction: Filip Slunecko

Filip Slunecko filip.slunecko at
Wed Sep 2 13:11:13 UTC 2009


My name is Filip Slunecko, and I'm from Brno, Czech Republic..

My FAS name is slune and I'd like to help with translation into
Czech. I work as IT professional.
I've been using Fedora for a 4 years now, and I'd like to give
something back to community.
I've never worked for Fedora project.

I have programming experience in Python.

GPG fingerprint:
pub   1024D/04672CB8 2009-09-01
      Key fingerprint = 62BB D686 5C03 133B 79D0  BB29 7016 FB25 0467 2CB8
uid                  Filip Slunecko <filip.slunecko at>
sub   2048g/5181900C 2009-09-01

Best regards

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