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Re: Submitted fedora talk translation not updated

Ani Peter さんは書きました:
Ankit Patel wrote:
Richard van der Luit wrote:
Any reason why submitted master-talk-fedoraproject
translation (dutch) isn't updated at the site itself?
submitted  5 days ago

Richard, I think websites team can manually rebuild the pages for you.

If anyone has got handful notes on the websites translations, can you please try to get them in to the Translation Quick Start Guide?


I would like to give a try on this task.
Sorry responding such late...
TQSG repository is git, so it would be good to learn a bit of git if you are not familiar with it yet just like me. So first, play with it.
Basic information can be found at:
XML files can be downloaded here:
It is publicanized, so that TQSG can be built with fedora-publican.
When you ready, let me know so that you will be invited to tqsg team for write access.

For updating POT/PO, it is currently painful manual work, as well for publishing. We are still waiting for Publican and Transifex upgrades which would make our life far easier in terms of documentation maintenance.



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