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[Fwd: Re: multimedia-menus clarification]

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2009/9/4 Tomek Chrzczonowicz
> Hello,
> I'm a Fedora L10n team member reviewing Polish translation of
> multimedia-menus. We have a little problem with one of the strings and I
> decided to ask you for help.
> You see, there is this term "Output Generation", which is a little
> confusing and thus hard to translate. What do you mean precisely?
> Do you mean "generating digital media output" as in "automatic/automated
> creation of digital output _streams_" ? If so, then why include editing
> subtitles? Also, burning CD's/recording tape (see below) is about
> directing input into a device, not output.
> If that's what you mean, then would rephrasing it as "Generation of
> digital media output streams" be ok?
> Or do you mean final preparation of media for distribution (i.e. output
> = final, self-contained product, like a cd or tape ("Streamer" referring
> to tape recording software) , ready for distribution)?
> This and actual distribution? i.e. "Streamer" referring to a streaming
> media server?
> If that's the case, then would rephrasing it to something like "Final
> preparation and distribution" or "preparation for distribution and
> distribution" be ok?
> Could you please think of some synonyms to "Output Generation" and
> "generating digital media output" , rephrase these or describe them in a
> little more depth?
> Regards
> Tomek Chrzczonowicz

Hi Tomek,

It is actually the last thing you said: Something like final
preperation for distribution.

Initially we thought about making many more submenus for each type of
output. By output, I mean, any output you can create from the data you
have. Let it be a CD, a video stream, an encoder application with a
GUI... Then, after some discussion we shrank the proposed submenus
into one submenu and called it "Output Generation". This submenu will
be complementary to another submenu we have that is called
"Capture&Import". The applications that go into this menu do somewhat
the opposite of "Output Generation". Get the data and write it into
your computer.

I agree that the "Subtitle Editor" is a bit subtle. This application
can (or maybe should) go to Creation->Editors.

We are really open to suggestions/requests from users of any level to
make these menus better. But if you think about it, no matter what
direction we go, it is not possible to please everyone. So we are
basically trying to minimize the number of people getting pissed. :)

A synonym to "Output Generation"... Hmmm... Output Production, Final
Product, Present Output... Well, they all mean slightly different and
I am sure that some might not even have 100% precise correspondence in
Polish. I would just pick something that is closest to my description

I hope this helps :) Cheers,

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