Self-Introduction: Marina Latini

Marina Latini deneb at
Sat Sep 5 22:10:43 UTC 2009

My name is Marina Latini, I live in Perugia and Milan, Italy.
My FAS user name is deneb.

I would like to become a translator for the italian language.
Actuallly I'm a student of Computer Science at University of Milan.
I'm already graduated in first level degree of Computer Science at
University of Perugia. Currently I work with the
Italian localization project and quality assurance team (PLIO ).

I'm an activist of Free Software and I'm an active member of "Free
Software User Group Italia" and I follow a lot of other "Linux User
I'm a proud user of Fedora and Slackware GNU/Linux systems.

GPG key and fingerprint:
pub:   1024D/356E0E90 2009-09-05
Key fingerprint = 4718 F5A3 B398 BB7B 9B4C  980D 38E5 FDF8 356E 0E90
uid:    Marina Latini (deneb) <deneb at>
sub:   2048g/CD84EDF0 2009-09-05

Marina Latini
Linux Registered User #379314
Member #126 of Finalmente libero!
Member #5559 of Unione Astrofili Italiani

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