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[Fwd: Re: Smolt translations]

Hi Mike
I am afraid if the mail have not reached to your inbox as you may not be the subscriber of f-t-l, so resend.

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Subject: 	Re: Smolt translations
Date: 	Tue, 01 Sep 2009 10:01:19 +1000
From: 	Noriko Mizumoto <noriko redhat com>
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Mike McGrath さんは書きました:
I've had a couple of people email me about confusion regarding smolt and
the submission line, I've simplified it to:

Your choice (s)end (v)iew (q)uit:
Hi Mike
I am sorry that I am not following the discussion well here, because probably the question I am wondering could be separate issue. Please allow me to ask this question as fresh one.

The following strings show two different kinds of shortcut key notation or representation, (v) and _R in original strings of msgid. Thus corresponding translation follow the same. The question here is that why do they have different kinds of shortcut key notation or representation? What is the difference between the shortcut key parenthesized and the shortcut key underscored?

#: sendProfile.py:174
msgid: (v)iew details on collected information?
msgstr: (v) japanese_translation_blah_blah_blah?

#: smoltFirstBoot.py:64
msgid: _Reconsider sending
msgstr: japanese_translation_blah_blah_blah (_R)

Thanks a lot in advance.

It's after the string freeze but I think this simplification will be
better for everyone.  Hope that's ok :)


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