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Re: transifex committing wrong translations to elfutils

PM> Hi,
PM> I don't know who's the culprit, but for some reason we are
PM> getting translations of wrong project in elfutils.  In
PM> particular, Spanish and Italian were thus damages in commits
PM> [1] and [2], respectively.  The string committed don't
PM> belong to elfutils, but to two different projects.
Thank you for reporting this!
For Spanish, it seems that the wrong file accidentally was submitted, sorry. Now this translator tried to submit the correct file but it failed.

Here is the output:
[noriko noriko elfutils]$ msgfmt -c es.po
es.po:597: format specifications in 'msgid' and 'msgstr' for argument 1 are not the same

This points the following string:
msgid: '%' is only meaningful with the 'x' option
msgstr: '%' es sólo significativo con la opción 'x'

Argument 1 here seems incomplete and understood as **'%' i** is the argument. In Spanish it will be **'%' e** thus it gives syntax error. If this argument is changed to '%c' or something, it would work?
There are four errors in total, at 597, 1784, 3933 and 3938.


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