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Juanjo Escribano juanjo.escribano at
Fri Sep 11 09:12:50 UTC 2009

Hi, this is the self presentation mail at Fedora Translation Project ...

My name is Juanjo Escribano (Juanjo is a short version of Juan José, but
only my mother calls me that way :P )

I'm from Madrid (Spain). I studied computer engineering at Universidad
Politécnica, in Madrid. I work as a software developer in Madrid too.
I have been using Linux since 1998. I started with a Slackware distribution,
and I have used Red Hat, Fedora, CenOS, Debian and Ubuntu too :) ...

I have never worked in a Translation Project, but I think I can do It for
the Spanish Fedora Community. This is my first Fedora Proyect, but maybe ,
in a future, I could join the developers group and mantain some package ...
who knows :)

As I'm new at Fedora Project, I apologize for the mistakes I could make.

FAS user name: jescribano
GPG id : 45DA7667
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pub   1024D/45DA7667 2009-09-09
      Key fingerprint = 3FB2 50C8 A0A2 A2D1 5DCA  2BC2 6244 68C4 45DA 7667
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sub   2048g/E3070E1A 2009-09-09
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