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Re: % entries in virt-p2v

Thank you for your quick response.
I will adjust my translation accordingly.
Good on you.

Asgeir Frimannsson さんは書きました:
Hi James,

2009/9/14 Kiyoto (James) Hashida <khashida redhat com>:
Hi, Fedora people.
I have just finished translating this virt-p2v>tip file.
But I am not sure if the English source is all correct.
There are some % symbols alone here and there.
I wonder if it is a mistake for %s or %d.....

For instance,
"\\nSending /dev/%s (%.3f GB) to remote machine\\n\\n%!"
and "(about %.0f minutes remaining)"

Without knowing if it is a string or a number, it is difficult to
set up the word order in a foreign language.
Any idea, anyone?

If the format-string ends in an 'f' as above, it is a floating-point
number.  Other common operators are 'd' for decimal numbers, 's' or
'c' for a string and character. The numbers/dots after the '%' and
before the character (s/f) allow further customization of the
replacement value (number of decimal points etc).

Hope this helps!


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